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US Environmental Protection Agency
Great Lakes Toxicology and
Ecology Division
Architect of Record - Full Service
Architectural Design
Laboratory Design 
Green Check
Level II Security Compliance
M&E Infrastructure Upgrade / Replacement
Entry Replacement
Laboratory water quality improvement,  piping and casework replacement
Location: Duluth, MI
Project Size: 93,484 sf
iDesign Services Provided:
  • EPA’s Duluth Mid-Continent Ecology Division laboratory research expertise includes; predictive ecotoxicology modeling, assessment of toxic effects, ecosystem analysis and assessment, and ecosystem modeling. These programs deliver approaches, methods, and models to advance the Agency’s protection of freshwater species, populations, and ecosystems.

  • iDesign successful lead the year-long design project maintaining the project schedule throughout without slippage or modification resulting in meeting every established benchmark. 

  • iDesign maintained project continuity and managed project impact as the EPA project management changed mid-project.

  • iDesign established a rapport and facilitated communication to build strong consensus while addressing the differing priorities between the Duluth personnel and EPA headquarters personnel.

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