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iDesign [PRODUCES] high quality documents quickly.

Processes and Tools
4a iDesign Approach - Lab Program Plan 2

The variety of services offered is supported by the engagement of current and emerging technologies, which translate data into diagrams, analytics and designs that can be tested and manipulated interactively and in real time. The advanced tools and activities we employ (along with proprietary modeling and planning tools) form a robust platform for project design & delivery as well as project management.

iDesign’s mission as a company is to deliver quality design and documentation through the use of proprietary 3D Tools, LEAN processes and Building Information Modeling.  iDesign is different from other architecture firms in that we do not take a “one software fits all” approach to design and project delivery. iDesign tailors our 3D models and processes with consideration to the audience, project size and type, the information to be communicated and highly efficient use of time and effort to proceed through each project stage.  We take a modular approach and have developed a fluid process building upon our vast experience through the systematic layering of detail. 

Using BIM Technology, iDesign integrates whole building analysis, building systems and equipment layouts to coordinate all building elements and identify any interferences before drawings are finalized.  This gives each design depth where information is clearly conveyed to the engineers and contractors.  BIM ensures productivity and quality control for an ideal collaboration on each and every project.

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