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Jason is an optimist and an idealist. He has worked as an Architect with iDesign for 12 years, nearly as long as he worked as a Ph.D. Scientist in Biological Research and Animal Science prior to pursuing his other love, architecture. He has worked on "both sides of the lab bench", offering unique perspective and expertise. He applies his knowledge to Special Projects within iDesign.  Jason is also true to his statement that he is "either a country boy or a city boy" and nothing in between.  He lives in Detroit with his wife and two children so that he can pursue his other dream...."revitalizing his Detroit neighborhood" one house and one street at a time through volunteerism, neighborhood activism, urban farming as well as reclaiming and rebuilding the architectural fabric of existing neighborhoods. It should also be noted that his chickens have the best designed chicken coup in Detroit, which they now share with their new neighbors the ducks!


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