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Confidential Food and Beverage Co.
Retail Innovation Center
Laboratory Renovation and Fit-out
Location: Michigan
Project Size: 1,600 sf
iDesign Services Provided:
Architect of Record- Full Service
Interior Design
Laboratory Design and Planning
  • The Retail Innovation Center's product behavior testing lab design is truly innovative with the client seeking a patent on the resulting design for modern clinical behavioral product testing.

  • The design was approached similar to a theatrical stage with movable props on wheels.  It incorporates a 20-foot motorized turntable divided into three sections to support a variety of environmental testing scenarios simulating a residential kitchen, a car and a home gym (among others).

  • It is paired with a observation room containing video taping and communications equipment along with a one-way mirror. This design significantly reduces staging and setup time so that the researchers can focus more resources to testing activities. Additionally, there are two ramps serving the turntable to facilitate flexibility and ease of changing environmental scenarios as needed.

  • The project also included the renovation of a test preparation kitchen, designed to meet U.S. FDA standards.

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