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Confidential Food and Beverage Co.
Sensory Laboratory
Laboratory Renovation and Fit-out
Location: Michigan
Project Size: 952 sf
iDesign Services Provided:
Architect of Record- Full Service
Interior Design
Laboratory Design and Planning
  • The Sensory Laboratory was designed to isolate senses to taste and texture and to level the playing field for competitive product comparisons.

  • The project was designed specifically for a modern clinical taste testing system. It incorporates motorized table with pop-up privacy screens, colored light controls and electronic tester feedback to create a future forward testing environment with a high level of controllability and utilization. It can be used for conferencing in the closed position.

  • Built in 1974, the R&D labs had not been renovated in 35 years.  Modifications were implemented piecemeal on an as-needed basis over decades, which created a mess both in terms of systems organization and workflow.  iDesign was able to implement a flexible design strategy, beginning with a common lab template. This systems approach to design will ease future modifications so that the systems remain clear and organized while facilitating modifiable and efficient workflows.

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