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Los Alamos County
Airport Basin Project
Design Review
Value Engineering Review
LEED Design Review
Multi-Building Complex
Location: Los Alamos, NM
Project Size: 40 acres
iDesign Services Provided:
  • iDesign reviewed the design and participated as a member of the value engineering team for the six building 40-acre complex for the Airport Basin Project. The project is a re-development of a property to house fleet maintenance facilities for Los Alamos County. The project consists of six independent buildings that provide office space, shops and maintenance, ready stock, equipment storage, and tool crib areas for the schools' facilities maintenance and transportation departments, and public works divisions. Activities included identifying opportunities for program/space efficiency, evaluating the feasibility of a 2-story design option, develop proposals and associated cost estimates (savings).

  • Collectively the team presented 98 ideas and developed 20 formal recommendations offering a potential savings to $ 5.5 million on a $ 66 million dollar project.

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