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Spring Arbor University
Weatherwax Microbiology Laboratory
Laboratory Renovation
Location: Spring Arbor, MI
Project Size: 840 sf
iDesign Services Provided:
Laboratory Design
  • The Department of Biology and Chemistry received a donation from Weatherwax Foundation that provided the funding to renovate one of the labs in 50-year old 2-strory Whiteman-Gibbs building. The building is antiquated and insufficient to meet the projected capacity needs for microbiology component of several life science programs. iDesign worked with the faculty to develop a laboratory design for 22 students. 

  • As the area and proportion of the existing space were less than ideal, iDesign designed custom size and configured lab benches to manipulate the lab module to meet the student count without sacrificing functionality, equipment and support benches. The design includes sink covers to maximize bench space when the sinks are not utilized, including the teaching station.  The trapezoidal configuration, similar to a lecture hall, is also ideal for instruction and visability.


“The facilities are older than I would like and so I’m rejoicing that we have a refurbishing right now,”

- Bruce Baldwin, chairperson of the department of biology and chemistry

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