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Wayne State University
College of Nursing
Cohn Biophysical Research Laboratory
Laboratory Renovation
Location: Detroit, MI
Project Size: 900 nsf
iDesign Services Provided:
Laboratory Design
  • The Cohn Biophysical Research Laboratory project converted a computer classroom into an outreach and biomedical research suite within the College of Nursing. The laboratory has a main research lab with specialized equipment for processing assays on nearly any human biological fluid or tissue including hormone levels, stress markers, immune function, and other neurochemical measurements. Some of the assays performed are: ELISA, RIA, and HPLC. There is an adjacent phlebotomy room for on-site sample collection. Additionally, there is an area dedicated to human physiological distance monitoring. 

  • The laboratory will enable researchers to remotely acquire “real-time” physiological data, such as activity, sleep, blood pressure or heart rate, in the participant’s natural environment for analysis with specialized software in the lab. This program was designed to serve subjects that are typically homebound elderly people. This will expand the researchers’ ability to measure physiological parameters in their studies and develop customized care programs.

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