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Wayne State University
Reddy Battery Laboratory for
Nano and Lithium Ion Research
Laboratory Renovation
Location: Detroit, MI
Project Size: 1,018 nsf
iDesign Services Provided:
Architect of Record - Full Service
Laboratory Design
  • Dr. Reddy joined WSU as a faculty-researcher to continue his advanced research in material science creating and testing new methodologies for nano and lithium ion battery technology. 

  • This project represents iDesign’s ability to meet technical and budgetary challenges. During field investigation, existing conditions were discovered that were not in the budget. Rather than request additional funding, iDesign explored options for working within the existing units limited capacity.  iDesign analyzed the exhaust requirements and identified that the planned canopy hoods proved to be the most inefficient exhaust devices. The solution proposed and implemented by iDesign was to provide custom designed canopy hoods reducing the load from 3,000 CFM to 600 CFM.  This was enough to eliminate the new HVAC unit. iDesign worked with campus EHS personnel during the design development to address their concerns and receive approval of the custom units.

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